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November 21, 2013 by c242
Quote from the download area:

"Winamp.com and associated web services will no longer be available past December 20, 2013. Additionally, Winamp Media players will no longer be available for download. Please download the latest version before that date. See release notes for latest improvements to this last release.
Thanks for supporting the Winamp community for over 15 years."

That is too bad, although I started using AIMP some time ago.
May 25, 2010 by c242
Hm, will that be 9 forever ? Or will we be able to have more than that in the future ?
August 28, 2007 by c242
"Object Desktop Elite users are users who have active subscriptions to ObjectDesktop.net past January 1, 2009."

How that ? Did I miss something ? Is there a 2 Year subscription ? Or is it a typo ?
January 30, 2007 by c242
I am doing a weekly radio show every tuesday 07:oo pm - 09:oo pm european time (Which is 1 - 3 wc time). Today it's pure eighties, so if You want to join me, tune in.
April 22, 2006 by c242
I hope we don't have to wait another 4 months to have these fixed :

1. RC prevents system from logging off. Logoff is only possible when quitting RC first.
2. RC is marked as non responding by windows at shutdown, which leads to a messesage that it could not be ended properly at shutdown and that leads to
3. Still loosing menus occasionally, especially after 2.

System : XP Pro SP2 German with latest updates.
March 31, 2006 by c242
Okay, 1st most obvious thing : Cursor 'Busy' when using the menu all the time. Other than that I seem to have no menu losses anymore, but I will watch that closely.

Jeff, if I remember right with the menu-builder in old pre 1.0 builds it was possible to make a new entry right before the marked one. Since several builds a new entry always goes to the very end of the menu, which is quite unpractical. is there a chance to get that 'insert' feature back ?
January 12, 2006 by c242
The situation arround RightClick becomes more and more frustrating as You can see from some posts here and in the
newsgroups. Aside from bugs not being fixed (or not made available, as the 'losing menus' bug was being solved in OCTOBER last year regarding to Jeff) the lack of reaction by any of the Stardock officials is very disgusting.

What is totally ignored or overseen is the fact, that RightClick is the only chance for foreign customers running DesktopX and/or IconX to have a desktop co...
January 5, 2006 by c242
Some of the registered OD and TD components are showing as "Demo", which is clearly untrue.
December 16, 2005 by c242
I don't know if it is the Apogee set or newest IP causing this, but after I applied Apogee I get a crash of IconX.

Problem signature :

AppName: iconx.exe AppVer: ModName: directgui.dll
ModVer: Offset: 00008b04

Tried on 2 XP Pro SP2 machines now.
December 7, 2005 by c242
I am very sure I have the registered OD build.
November 18, 2005 by c242
Not sure if it is the new beta or a skin error in Aura :

After some time, the startbutton looks like this on mouseover :

Buttons in Explorer (the are alright in apps) ;
July 24, 2005 by c242

This is what happened to me after a fresh install of RightClick and 1st config. I really can't see any options for horicentral menus.
May 7, 2005 by c242
Although it has some remarkable problems like disappearing menus and even whole configs we haven't seen an update since February. Error reports in the newsgroups seem to be ignored. Is it born dead from the beginning ? I just would like to know as it has become my 4th most used OD app.
February 11, 2005 by c242
...still no chance to save the configuration. I am disappointed, especially with the background of having lost 1/3 of my heavily customized menu yesterday (on boot) after running for several days out of nowhere. I know, it was Beta, but many people have had the same desire. And I still don't get the reason why I can't simply copy my RC configurations from one machine to the other...
December 10, 2004 by c242
As I think it is a great app, here are some wishes I would have for the release of 1.0 :

- Clickable 'Save theme' button
- Drag and Drop for new shortcuts (i.e. from startmenu or explorer)
- movable shortcuts (i.e. to another op-up menu)
- adjustable folder-depth for popup-menus like 'My Computer'
- icons for pop-up menus would be great also